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Studies Show Cell Phones Do Cause Cancer

The cell phone cancer connection has been hotly debated for years, but now experts warn mobile phones do, in fact, increase brain cancer, Parkinson’s, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, acoustic neuromas, vision impairment, hypertension, and, perhaps, other health problems.

Global research now proves beyond doubt that continuous exposure to cellphone radiation can lead to many harmful effects according to Dr S. Pattnaik, head and professor of the ETV Centre, Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR), Chandigar, India.

One study includes a three-year $27 million research program headed by George Carlo, a public health researcher, who now says radio frequency radiation from cell phone antennae ‘‘appears to cause genetic damage in human blood.’’

Dr. Pattnaik says his research shows that children are even more vulnerable than adults to mobile phone radiation and that damage varies in correlation with head size, age, duration of exposure, distance of antenna from the body and the user’s posture at the time of phone use.

Dr. Pattnaik warns cell phone buyers to carefully assess the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) when buying. The U.S. FCC SAR limit for the head is 1.6 watt per kg of body tissue. He advises: ‘‘Buy a mobile phone with as low an SAR rating as possible.’’

Do’s and don’ts
* Buy cell phones with low SAR values.
* Use landline when possible.
* Frequent users should use earphones.
* Use phones which keep antennas farthest from the body.
* Keep phones away from body as far as possible.
* Limit children's use of cell phones
* Do not keep cell phones in shirt pockets as they may also interfere with heart function.

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