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Top Ten Cancer Career

Cancers are suited to careers in which nurturing ability, sensitivity, and empathy are important. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Cancer is probably the most emotional and caring employee. They take care of other staff members and are always willing to listen to concerns. They are not temperamentally suited to life in sales or in the public eye because of shyness.

Cancers often choose careers that provide encouragement and a sense of family. One of the most sensitive signs, they are self-conscious and can be insecure, hindering their success. Comfort and the ability to help others will bring them to their goals.

Cancer natives need to have a lot of praise and feedback, lack of conflict, and the assurance of job security. They are often unsuited to careers that require being harsh or ruthless. This is the sign to watch as they become self-confident and eventually reach their goals.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Cancer:

Taking care of others and making things better is a perfect role for Cancer. They've been kissing boo-boos and playing nurse since childhood. Count on a well-stocked First Aid kit at their house. This job involves having empathy, a way with people, and concern for the welfare of their patients. Cancerians are passionate about serving others and doing good work. They are generally tentative at first but will grow into very capable employees.

Priding themselves on keeping a clean and orderly house, sometimes they end up doing this job for a living. They tend to treat every situation carefully and with respect to the people in that environment. Their standards at work are similar to those in their own home. This is the person to call if you want to remove a tenacious stain, find mold or attack years of nicotine buildup on the ceiling. Not an inch will be left unnoticed because of their keen powers of observation.

Day Care Worker:
Cancer loves working with children, and they have a great concern for their welfare. This career path requires a lot of dedication and patience, which Cancer provides. Generally the pay is not great, but they persevere because they are doing something they love. Cancer natives probably had a lot of babysitting jobs as teenagers and honed their skills with younger siblings. They have a soothing and motherly approach when dealing with young children.

Surrogate Mother:
Cancer is the classic mother figure and if they are female can get pregnant in a heartbeat. Female Cancerians are perfectly suited to acting as a surrogate, by carrying a child for someone else. Their bodies are designed for motherhood with fabulous hips and curves. They love being pregnant and usually thrive on it. It may be emotionally difficult to separate from the baby after birth, but that is part of the deal. In the old days, they would have volunteered to be a wet nurse.

Children's Entertainer:
Cancer natives can easily relate to and understand children. They make great clowns, enjoy storytelling, sing children's songs, and paint faces. Kids trust and gravitate toward this gentle, nurturing person. When they do take this path, Cancer will try to add an educational element to the performance. This takes a bit of the fun out of it, but that is why they are also good parents. Fun is secondary to learning and being healthy, but kids might have a different perspective on that.

Cancers are known as good cooks. They may not always be gourmet chefs but they have a large repertoire of recipes and much of it is comfort food. They take great pride in using fresh ingredients and cooking and baking from scratch. It may not be fancy fare, but it sure tastes great. Cancer can be found working in restaurants of all kinds, as caterers, in institutions and in private homes. They have to sample everything they make which invariably adds a few extra pounds.

Family Therapist:
The family is extremely important to Cancer, and they have a strong interest in improving relationships. Specializing in family counseling and issues would be a great field for them to pursue. Their caring and empathetic nature and sensitive attitude would put both parents and children at ease. They are the stable influence and calm presence that will help to heal problems and restore harmony for others. However, Cancers are usually the blubbering crybabies in their own family unit.

Marine Biologist:
Cancer has a fascination for the sea and the creatures in it. In this career they can use their excellent memories to remember the Latin names. They must detail habitats and survey conditions to compile their data and reports. Often this job will entail going out to sea in a vessel to do sampling or observation. They will feel at home pitching and rolling on the supply ship, when everyone else is turning green and running to the rails. It's lucky Cancer has a likeable personality because it's not advisable to get the crew ticked off at sea.

A unique career can be born from Cancer's need to collect and compile. These are the people rummaging at yard sales and thrift shops for things that others would overlook. They usually buy because they love it or feel the need to have it, not for the prospect of selling. However, after the house is brimming to the eaves with Barbie lunchboxes and Star Wars figurines, they may have to unload some of it. To their surprise, they may be stashing a small fortune in Fiesta Ware or Retro furniture.

Many Cancer natives combine their love of history with family and become a professional genealogist. They love a mystery and are challenged by missing information and broken links. Since the advent of the Internet, they can even do most of their research from the comfort of home. This career is not for someone who is motivated by money alone. Cancer can tell you in detail about your ninth cousin thrice removed.

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