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Health Tip: Undergoing Chemotherapy?
by: Diana Kohnle

People undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer have a tough road ahead, but there things they can do to minimize side effects and feel better. Here are suggestions from the National Cancer Institute:

* Maintain a proper diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.
* Even though you may feel nauseous or not have an appetite, try to drink plenty of water or juice, and try eating soup. Even small snacks throughout the day will help improve your energy. You may also want to try eating with friends or family to stimulate your appetite.
* Get as much exercise as you can -- light walks may help improve your mood, appetite, and energy.
* Get plenty of sleep, rest often, and don't overexert yourself.
* Avoid people who are sick -- especially with contagious illnesses like colds or flu.
* Make sure you get plenty of emotional support by talking to friends, family or counselors about what you're experiencing and feeling. Doctors, nurses and other health-care providers may also lend an ear and be good sources of advice.

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