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How to Fight Cancer?
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Typhonium Plus

Typhonium Flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus

As a natural supplement may help to combat
cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body

Consume 3 months & see the RESULT !!

Alternative Medicine Cancer

Effectively For :

 Breast Cancer
 Colon Cancer
 Rectum Cancer
 Liver Cancer
 Prostate Cancer
 Cervical Cancer
 Colon Cancer

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Alternative Cancer Treatment-Herbal Supplement Cancer/Tumor Remedy Keladi Tikus.
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Typhonium Plus - Alternative Cancer Treatment, Breast, Cervical, Prostate. Leukimia.

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Cancer Trade Show
Asian Health Wealth Exhibition
Pekan Product Budaya Indonesia 2008
Saudi Health Care 2008 - 05 - 08 May 2008
Seoul Food & Hotel 2008
Pekan Produk Budaya Indonesia 2007
The 5th Middle East Natural and Organic Product Expo 2007 (Dubai)

Cancer Research
Induksi dan Regenerasi Kalus Keladi Tikus
The genus Typhonium (Araceae) in Taiwan
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Typhonium - by Chan Lai Keng USM
Typhonium flagelliforme inhibits cancer cell growth in vitro and induces apoptosis: an evaluation by the bioactivity guided approach.
Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology
Alternative Cancer Treatment - Typhonium Flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus.
Vitamin C healing testimony
Typhonium Flagelliforme (Keladi Tikus)
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Typhonium Herbs Drug interaction